How To Win - Strategic Planning, Pursuit, Capture

Developing strategy, crafting the plan to take you there, rigorously validating and testing throughout implementation, incorporating discovery along the way ...

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For The Win - Advanced Proposal Development

Rigorous approach resulting in unparalleled client win record with wide-gap wins and franchise upsets, based on systems engineering approach and ...

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After The Win - Deliver And Grow As Planned

Starting in 1995 when a client asked our Founder to become the Deputy Program Manager of the complex engineering development program they had won without discussion ...

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The Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capitol are ablaze with light for the opening inaugural ceremonies in honor of George H. W. Bush, 41st president of the United States.

Benefit from providing critical solutions for over 3 decades

Delivering critical advanced capture and proposal development - from the largest ACAT 1D federal engineering development programs to state & local services.

Delivering critical on-contract subject matter expertise - from large international commercial satellite constellation development to complex DoD programs.

Leverage hand-selection of the right Titans for each of your unique scenarios

It took over 20 years of experience personally recruiting, hiring, training, deploying, mentoring, culling, learning from, working with over 1,700 select consultants --- resulting in developing unparalleled talent selection expertise as we provided solutions at inflection points throughout the program lifecycle.

And it took over 20 years of personally leading multiple concurrently-deployed teams across industry ... well, you get the point - beware rolodex and automated resume providers.

We are instrumental in establishing, operating, and supporting clients' high-performance capture / proposal development centers (C/PDCs), leading complex pursuits, and providing hand-selected subject matter experts (SMEs) to serve our clients in critical interim leadership and support roles. Underpinned by 1st principles, we specialize in US Federal proposal development and US State & Local proposal development.

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