• Executive Consulting (incubating ideas into new business opportunities)
  • Innovation Framework (applying meaningful and sustainable growth principles)
  • Building The Business (where to play, how to win, capabilities & infrastructure)
  • Strategic Business Planning (business plan, go to market plan, organizational alignment)
  • Capability Assessment (gap analysis, risk analysis, growth strategy)
  • Business Development (comprehensive approach)
  • Pipeline Development (approach, process, deal flow)
  • Business Development Offsite (keynote, training)
  • Interim Management (business development management, operations management, interim leadership, interim C-level leadership)
  • Litigation Support (expert witness)


  • Opportunity Pursuit (leverage SME networks, perform advocacy, apply research)
  • Capture Planning (timing of elements in framework)
  • Capture Assist (perform/mentor)
  • Price-to-Win (willing to refer)
  • Competitive Analysis & Assessment
  • Black Hat (competitor sprints)
  • Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Solution Development & Implementation


  • SureStart (continuously improved since 1995)
  • Event Acclerator (ease preparation for the 1st and following milestones, e.g., SRR)
  • Document Development (e.g., CDRL items, ECPs)
  • Program Management (PMO support and engineering)
  • Staff Augmentation (select roles)
  • Program Re-planning and Recovery
  • Follow-on Capture (program business development)
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  • Prime Contractor Path (for small business)
  • Mergers & Acquisition Support (pipeline assessment)
  • Opportunity Identification & Qualification
  • Competitive Analysis & Assessment
  • Competitive Positioning (strategy implementation)
  • Capture Team Development (mentoring, training)
  • Root Cause Analysis (independent win/loss analysis)



  • Proposal Planning (tools, artifacts, methods)
  • Proposal Development (compelling high quality strategy-driven integrated proposal volumes)
  • Proposal Elements (high quality content-driven rich data graphics, executive summaries, narratives)


  • Proposal Team Development (purpose-built teams, mentoring)
  • Proposal Management (Proposal Managers, Volume Leads, Deputy PMs, Deputy VLs, Coordinators)
  • Proposal Reviews (Pink Team Reviewers, Red Team Reviewers, Gold Team Reviewers)
  • Proposal Authors (Writers, SMEs, Data Visualizers, SME Interviewers)
  • Proposal Specialties (IMP/IMS, BOE Developers, Orals Coaches)
  • Proposal Production (high quality overnight-delivery graphics, DTP, document designers/integrators)
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