- Prepare to Win -   Strategic Planning, Pursuit, and Capture

Collaboratively developing strategy, crafting implementation plans, rigorously validating and testing quality of strategy implementation, enabling discovery along the way ...

- For the Win -  Advanced Proposal Development

1st principles based framework, unparalleled client win rate with signature franchise upsets, based on agile methods within systems requirements waterfall realities ...

- After the Win -  Deliver As Proposed & Grow As Planned

Starting in 1995 with the wide-gap SPEAKeasy proposal win, our Founder became Deputy Program Manager, developing QuickStart to achieve SRR within 4 months ...

      Services that impact your projects, state, local, international, and federal new business opportunities

Call us to leverage:

  • The depth each Titan brings to your project,
  • Experience delivering our services as teams on projects shown here, here, and here,
  • Atlas proprietary deep learning with insights into patterns, trends, dynamics, behaviors, approaches ...,
  • Dedicated Client Account Executive oversight, Research & Operations Group support, with active Chief Strategist involvement                                                           --- what a powerful combination!

When you must win, want select SMEs, need surge support, desire deep and broad experience, value 3rd party involvement, or have too many simultaneous projects --- we deploy to client sites as well as support our clients remotely depending on your needs for leadership, support, bandwidth, and skills.

Our Founder, Robert Bunnett, worked shoulder-to-shoulder in the early 1980s with industry Titans during the dawn of the modern competitive era, which became realized during development of the winning $1.9B Space Station WPB proposal. We continue to incorporate discovery and improve our data sets.

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