Capture Support, Strategy Development   & Implementation

Collaboratively develop strategy, craft implementation plans, rigorously test and validate quality of strategy implementation while enabling discovery along the way ...

Agile & Tailored Advanced Proposal Development

Leverage our 1st-principles framework using agile methods rigorously within customer acquisition approaches to significantly improve your pWin

Technical / Program Management & Systems Engineering

Following the wide-gap SPEAKeasy win in 1995, our Founder was asked to become Deputy Program Manager to conduct SRR successfully within 4 months. Innovating QuickStart led to ...

Integrate Atlas into your teams for our:

  • Depth that each Titan and SME brings to your project
  • Experience delivering our services by the people who made an impact on projects shown here and here
  • Atlas WINovation Framework with insights into patterns, trends, dynamics, approaches, and more
  • Atlas Executive oversight, Research & Operations support & Chief Strategist impact
  • Win and Impact Record - Contact us for live, passionate, client testimonials

Atlas - Your Competitive Advantage 

Atlas is a unique management consulting firm specializing in impacting client companies' strategic improvement throughout the program acquisition lifecycle—serving senior executives, their teams, and capture/proposal development centers across space, air, cyber, ground and maritime domains primarily in aerospace, defense, homeland security, and other public sector markets. The Atlas Team provides the full range of business development and capture services, from pipeline development and opportunity qualification to advanced proposal development, subject matter expertise, and program SureStart services.

You compete against the best in industry. Atlas Teams are hand-selected from the best nationwide for you and your team’s needs and desires—based on impact, results, attributes, and adjudicated with decades of 1st–hand knowledge. We integrate smoothly into client teams, and together help achieve what could be—let us breathe some life into best practices (which are but table stakes) as we support your processes. We enable the discovery process to take us beyond the status quo and thrive on responding to situations—and our clients' results speak volumes (love those wide-gap wins and franchise upsets).

If your surge support continues to not overly impress you—despite long lists of proposals, roles, clients, training classes, former positions … call us.

If you’re curious about what your next level of competitiveness could be, moving from where you are to where you want to be … call Atlas.

We would love to discuss your needs to discover the best ways we can help you and your company reach your next levels of competitiveness and succeed! Please call us at (800) 727-6084.

Contact us now to discuss how Atlas can enhance your effectiveness as you plan and position to pursue capturing new opportunities culminating in our advanced proposal development.