14 December 2020 Update

Service Delivery: For the past 9 months, we increasingly have been amazed how well our investments to improve our virtual service delivery over the past 14 years have been paying-off for our Clients this year.

Industry Participation: We welcome government agencies and industry clients as they approach crossing their own virtual rubicons! While we have found that it generally takes greater effort and preparation to deliver high-quality and high-value team services virtually, we also seen an increase in the amount of productive time available due to reduced commuting/travel time, wear-and-tear, and the additional benefit of reduced travel expenses.

Our executives and subject matter experts (SMEs) continue to engage throughout industry on a weekly basis. We remain fully invested and active in our Clients' communities of interest, technologies, and domains spanning:

  • Foundations (e.g., Space Foundation Patron)
  • Industry associations (e.g., National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Corporate Member)
  • Professional associations (e.g., Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Sponsor)
  • Consortia (e.g., Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC) Member)

14 September 2020 Update

Service Delivery: In the past 6 months, we continued supporting our clients without a hitch because we have been investing in improving our virtual service delivery over 14 years.

Industry Participation: However, we did experience a hitch starting in mid-March as industry and professional events were cancelled, postponed, and eventually rescheduled. Introductions by passionate clients and meeting with key executives to incubate ideas had been a wonderful part of our business development approach. Losing face-to-face discusssions has been partially offset by not being limited to planning which hours of which days we would be able to be in which city with associated costs in terms of wear-and-tear, travel time, and dollars and cents.

Our executives and subject matter experts (SMEs) participate in a wide variety of industry events on a daily/weekly basis. We are fully invested in our clients' communities of interest, technologies, and domains spanning:

  • Foundations (e.g., Space Foundation Patron)
  • Industry associations (e.g., National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Corporate Member)
  • Professional associations (e.g., Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) Sponsor)
  • Consortia (e.g., Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC) Member)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has moved our clients' government customers and our clients into operating models more closely resembling ours, spanning the virtual-physical spectrum. 

14 March 2020

We recognize the COVID-19 situation is evolving rapidly and support the sacrifices so many are making. Thank you! Atlas operations continue working from homes where appropriate - suspended where physical presence is required.

1. Our client support services are operating at various levels, each dependent on specific client needs.

1a. Nearly all virtual projects supporting our clients continue, with re-planning depending on evolving client needs.

1b. Onsite presence supporting our clients is suspended. We are working with each client to determine the best course of action, which may be shifting to virtual support or putting a hold on the project.

2. All physical industry presence is suspended. Our two biggest industry-facing events scheduled this month were to be Space Symposium (we are a Space Foundation Patron) and the AUSA Global Forces Symposium. We support the hard decisions made by these organizations and anticipate more cancellations before this type of activity resumes.

3. All our office functions are fully operational.

We appreciate all you are doing to support our nation and our communities during these unprecedented times. If we can be of any assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here for you.


11-12 February 2020                            Huntsville, AL

Aviation & Missile Technology Consortium


Seeing long-time friends and colleagues.

Meeting with birds of a feather.

Air Force Contracting Summit
30-31 January 2020                            Destin, FL

Air Force Contracting Summit 2020


Just another day at the office ....

14-16 January 2020                            Crystal City, VA

Surface Navy Symposium 2020

As an active Corporate Member of the Surface Navy Association (SNA), Atlas was intimately involved in discussions at the Surface Navy Symposium in Crystal City.

We are fortunate to be able to spend quality time together with our clients in this type of focused environment.

Photo of Corporate Member banner taken on moving escalator!

7-10 January 2020                            Las Vegas, NV

CES 2020

Wow! Still overwhelming. 2nd year for Atlas CES participation.

Who can resist CES?

In this picture, Bell demonstrates Urban Air Mobility beyond technology - to public policy, business and consumer acceptance.

Examples of Atlas' Public Industry Participation from September - December 2019:

Intelligence & National Security Summit

AUVSI New York UAS Symposium

AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition

Annual Peak Cyber Symposium

Air, Space & Cyber Conference

Modern Day Marine

2019 National Cyber Symposium

ATCA Air Traffic Control Association

Annual AOC International Symposium

Open Data Science Conference

AUSA Army Autonomy and AI Symposium

Savannah River in Agusta GA alongside the Marriot Convention Center
22 August 2019                            Augusta, GA

AFCEA TechNet 2019

Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) for Unified Land Operations

Great to see long-time friends, colleagues, clients, and other industry leaders with the assistance of the US Army Cyber Center of Excellence along the Savannah River in beautiful Augusta Georgia.

20-21 August 2019                            Washington, DC

AUVSI 2019

Unmanned Systems - Defense Protection Security

Interesting roundtable discussions and panels with military leadership and defense experts digging into what unmanned and autonomous systems mean for procurement, technology development, and inter-agency collaboration for ground, air, surface, and subsurface vehicles.

Atlas Public Industry Participation from August 2018 through August 2019:

August 2018 - December 2018
  • NDIA Space & Missile Defense Symposium Aug 2018
  • PACA Briefing for Industry (BFI) Aug 2018
  • AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition Oct 2018
  • Space Industry Days Oct 2018
  • I/ITSEC (Training, Simulation, Education) Nov 2018
  • Association of Old Crows (AOC) Convention Nov 2018
  • Military Fight Training Conference Dec 2018
January 2019 - August 2019
  • Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Jan 2019
  • Surface Navy Association Symposium Jan 2019
  • AUSA Global Force Symposium Mar 2019
  • Space Symposium Apr 2019
  • NDIA Hypersonics Conference Jul 2019
  • Small Satellite Conference Aug 2019
  • NDIA Space & Missile Defense Conference Aug 2019
Robert Bunnett enjoying Farnborough International Airshow
Robert Bunnett enroute to Farnborough International Airshow
16-22 July 2018                            Farnborough, Hampshire

Farnborough International Airshow 2018

We enjoyed the birthplace of British Aviation at the Farnborough International Airshow, one of the largest industry aerospace events - a week-long biennial event that combines a major trade exhibition for the aerospace and defense industries with a public airshow.

We will have to be satisified with this year's event until it returns in 2020!

MG Thurgood at AUSA GLAC
22 June 2018                            Huntington Beach, California


Within an hour of LTG Eric Wesley (Deputy Commanding General, Futures Director) describing how the Futures Command would impact acquisitions, a client emailed the Draft Solicitation for the Army's Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) - on the cover page … "On Behalf Of: U.S. Army Futures Command" ….

In the afternoon, MG Neil Thurgood took the words out of our mouth "Love it when the lieutenant experiences the NTC, and love the NTC, but that lieutenant needs a thousand experiences" Exactly how we walk, talk, and operate!

Ed Rogers and Ted Griffin at the Atlas booth at APMP 2018
Robert Bunnett at APMP 2018
15-18 May 2018                                       San Diego, California

Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP)

Ed Rogers and our Chief Operating Officer, Ted Griffin, handled the Atlas booth while Robert Bunnett was around somewhere…. Atlas participated in APMP's Bid and Proposal Con 2018 as Silver Sponsors. We were delighted to see many of our clients during the week, and enjoyed meeting potential recruits.

Bell's Autonomous Pod Transport (APT)
Textron AUVSI Exponential 2018
01-02 May 2018                                             Denver, Colorado

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Exponential

Our Chief Strategist, Robert Bunnett, has been instrumental in autonomous systems, as early as 1986 developing the Robotic Tracking Sensor Astro - demonstrating autonomous guidance & control in support of the winning Space Station proposal, Advanced Development Project 23. Featured by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, WSJ, Defense News, NASA Press Release Self-Guided Robot Being Tested at JSC.

SS34 Graphic
SS34 Center
Robert Bunnett with Harris Hawk Roscoe prior to the start of Space Symposium #SS34
16-19 April 2018                           Colorado Springs, Colorado

Space Symposium

Participating in Space Symposia for nearly 20 years, and leaders on pursuit, proposal, and program teams or over 30 years ... Atlas collectively, and our Titans individually, are reaching our peak on many of today's industry teams (rigorously choosing to only be on one side of a competition).

We have been instrumental in developing, modernizing, and operating large complex space systems - DoD, NASA, Commercial, and Internationally-funded space programs.

AUSA Global Force Symposium 2018
Huntsville - AUSA Global Force Symposium 2018
26-28 March 2018                                       Huntsville, Alabama

Global Force Symposium & Exposition

Among exhibiting and participating clients, we were excited hearing from Secretary Esper, Under Secretary McCarthy, Vice Chief of Staff McConville, and others how the US Army is moving forward on readiness and overmatch.

We don't apologize for our overmatch capability either!

Satellite 2018
AFCEA West 2018


AUSA                           Modern Day Marine                           AFA                         Paris Air Show                           AFCEA West


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