Ed Rogers setting up for a municipal environmental services proposal strategy workshop

As an experienced business leader, you understand the importance of a well-developed proposal in today’s hyper-competitive public sector market. For the best chance at securing your next state or municipal contract such as these shown here, rely on Atlas. We help companies flourish in today’s competitive world by providing them with bespoke state and local proposal development services.

State and local proposal development

A well-thought-out proposal demonstrates to prospective state and local government agencies the value of your services and how they can reduce their risk by selecting your bid. Without such a comprehensively-developed proposal, government evaluators will have difficulty evaluating and communicating why they would select your company over your competitors' well-developed proposals.

State and local proposal development requires a rigorous approach. At Atlas, we take your proposal seriously. Our proposal developers have unparalleled win records. You can count on us to develop a proposal that helps your company grow. For state and local proposal development you can count on, contact Atlas today.

Proposal implementation

As important as your proposal is, what you do after submitting your proposal is as essential to the success of your company. At Atlas, our commitment to you doesn’t end once the proposal has been submitted. Our services extend to helping your company grow as planned. From the earliest planning stage to actual implementation, we will be with you every step of the way.

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