Robert Bunnett during development of the Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) 1.1 proposal to US Special Operations Command (SOCOM)

Advanced research, engineering development projects at massive scale, interesting products and services - stewardship of federal projects worth hundreds of millions or billions of dollars is also an intriguing aspect — if you can be selected over the competition and overcome protests. The stakes couldn’t be higher for your business, so don’t navigate this hyper-competitive market without our complementary capabilities and insights.

Rely on Atlas for federal opportunity capture and advanced proposal development leadership/support. With our help, your proposal can become so competitive and compelling that the proposal itself becomes a discriminator, significantly improving the probability of winning the contracts that will help your company thrive.

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The team at Atlas is experienced, innovative, and dedicated to our clients' success. We enable discovery and encourage innovation within rigor and with extreme attention to detail providing you the best probability of success on federal proposals - your success is our success.

To help your company, we’ll work with your business development team to position to the winning approach/solution for the contract you’re pursuing. We provide decades of cumulatively-improved industry experience and demonstrated out-of-the-box thinking you need to make your proposal stand out.

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Atlas draws from over 30 years of industry experience and proposal consulting expertise with the large prime contractors, most mid-tier companies, and many small and emerging businesses. Our Titans are subject matter experts (SMEs) in agency / domain / technical fields of expertise - we have the people you need.

You can see the impact we make on federal proposals helping clients' win complex contracts in competitive fields, and we can help you do the same.

To reach the team at Atlas, call (949) 636-6202 or use our contact form. We look forward to working with you.