What types of markets do you serve? Which are largest?

We primarily serve prime contractors of all sizes ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to small businesses as small as sole proprietors. Secondarily, we serve 2nd and 3rd tier subcontractors.

Our client companies pursue projects funded by international agencies, commercial interests, and governments. Examples of our international projects include airport upgrades in Asia, defense sales in Europe, and economic city development in the Middle East. Examples of our commercial projects are privately-funded satellite constellations. While these markets are most interesting, they are not the largest for us – yet.

The largest market for fair and open competition is in the United States. We address this marketplace through our US Federal and our US State & Local practices.

The US Federal market is the cleanest from a fair and open competition point of view, and the largest of this type. Within the US Federal market the DoD is the most robust, followed by NASA, and other US Federal agencies.

The US State & Local marketplace is also robust, characterized by smaller procurements decentralization into states, regional authorities, counties, and municipalities.

Question 2?

Answer 2.

Question 3?

Answer 3.