Clients' Planning and Positioning Projects

  • Business Development (BD) support includes opportunity identification/qualification, pursuit/capture assist/mentoring, Business Acquisition Process (BAP), BAP Handbook
  • Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Assessment includes BD CMM Assessment, Proposal Development CMM Assessment
  • Tailorable Proposal Modules for DoD proposals and Municipal proposals, includes Tailorable Task Order (TO) Proposal Modules
  • Organization Re-design includes Enterprise AlignmentOrganizational Alignment
  • Workshops include Building The Business, Strategy Development, Solution Development
  • Keynotes include Combatting Incumbent Fatigue at Business Unit Off-sites and BD Off-sites
  • Training includes Business Development, Capture Management, Proposal Management, Write It To Win
  • Surge Support includes BD SMEs, Capture Managers, Proposal Managers, Proposal Specialists (CAPTW, Cost, BOEs, IMP/IMS, Writers, Orals, Proposal Production
  • Process Tailoring for the enterprise (e.g., Cost Proposal Streamlining) and tailor to apply to each program
  • Mentoring business development, pursuit/capture/ proposal directors, proposal specialists, program management
  • Business plans, marketing plans, white papers
  • Campaigns to Keep-the-Program-Sold, Save-the-Base
  • Outsourcing Analyses
  • Market Surveys by service/agency

Interim Management - Programs

Interim Program Manager, Celestri Program

  • Requested to be the Interim Program Manager of the $12B Celestri commercial satellite system. Led 1st major milestone review, Management Program Review (MPR), within 4 months.
  • Within 1-year client displaced Boeing as Teledesic prime contractor, dropping Celestri self-funding.

Deputy Program Manager, SpeakEasy II Program

  • Requested to be SpeakEasy II Deputy Program Manager to lead 1st major milestone review, System Requirements Review (SRR), within 4 months.
  • SRR was a huge success, propelling the program forward to produce a radio system 15 months into a 3-year research project.

Company success aligned with client success:

  • These Program Services became a new line of business (LOB) for that company, generating 50% of revenue at this site in 2 years site, at the time that company's 2nd largest client.
  • Within 4 years Program Services LOB exceeded 50% of that company revenue, continuing to ~$1B revenue cumulatively) followed by many high profile successes.

Interim Management - Operations

Chief Operating Officer (COO), LSI

Feb 2019 – Aug 2019

Recruited to lead LSI transformation with emphasis on (1) value to clients, (2) sustainability, and (3) scalability.

  • Developed and implemented growth strategy - and redesigned organization to support growth strategy.
  • Established Account Executive Corps to grow business by 15 new clients with 25 new projects.
  • Established Operations Group to improve focus on quality of service delivery, increased business at 10 existing clients, while surging support to new clients.

Board of Directors, CSPi

Jul 2013 – Jun 2015

Recruited from nation-wide search to become Independent Director of multi-national CSPi [NASDAQ: CSPI], then selected to become the Chairman of the Nominating Committee and Member of the Compensation Committee. During tenure:

  • CSPi's Myricom acquisition was immediately accretive, revenue and profit producing, while opening a commercial avenue to apply capabilities previously used pursuing defense opportunities.
  • CSPi exited pursuit of new defense opportunities, eliminating related capital, R&D investment and costs of sales while continuing to earn E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft (AHE) royalty revenue.

Senior Vice President, SM&A

Sep 2013 – May 2015

Invited by the CEO to develop new, improved, differentiated offerings - then quickly assigned additional roles by the CEO:

  • SVP, Innovation
  • SVP, Business Development
  • Practice Lead, Competitive Assessment/Price-to-Win (CAPTW)

Interim Vice President, BD, Fortune 100 client

Apr 2013 – Jul 2013

Tasked by client VP Business Development and VP/GM to lead business unit BD during client transition.

Serving Our Clients

Our clients continue to find new ways to leverage our unique skills and capabilities. We enjoy helping people succeed, teams wins, and companies grow:

► Incubating ideas with key executives into business opportunities - implementing Strategy into Operations.

► Recruiting, hiring, training, mentoring, learning from and thoroughly enjoying working with industry leaders.

► Resulting in deep insights into patterns, trends, dynamics, behaviors - and a very big toolkit.