Clients' Planning and Positioning Projects

  • Business Development (BD) support includes opportunity identification/qualification, pursuit/capture assist/mentoring, Business Acquisition Process (BAP), BAP Handbook
  • Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Assessment includes BD CMM Assessment, Proposal Development CMM Assessment
  • Tailorable Proposal Modules for DoD proposals and Municipal proposals, includes Tailorable Task Order (TO) Proposal Modules
  • Organization Re-design includes Enterprise AlignmentOrganizational Alignment
  • Workshops include Building The Business, Strategy Development, Solution Development
  • Keynotes include Combatting Incumbent Fatigue at Business Unit Off-sites and BD Off-sites
  • Training includes Business Development, Capture Management, Proposal Management, Write It To Win
  • Surge Support includes BD SMEs, Capture Managers, Proposal Managers, Proposal Specialists (CAPTW, Cost, BOEs, IMP/IMS, Writers, Orals, Proposal Production
  • Process Tailoring for the enterprise (e.g., Cost Proposal Streamlining) and tailor to apply to each program
  • Mentoring business development, pursuit/capture/ proposal directors, proposal specialists, program management
  • Business plans, marketing plans, white papers
  • Campaigns to Keep-the-Program-Sold, Save-the-Base
  • Outsourcing Analyses
  • Market Surveys by service/agency

Interim Management - Programs

Interim Program Manager, Celestri Program

  • Requested to be the Interim Program Manager of the $12B Celestri commercial satellite system. Led 1st major milestone review, Management Program Review (MPR), within 4 months.
  • Within 1-year client displaced Boeing as Teledesic prime contractor, dropping Celestri self-funding.

Deputy Program Manager, SpeakEasy II Program

  • Requested to be SpeakEasy II Deputy Program Manager to lead 1st major milestone review, System Requirements Review (SRR), within 4 months.
  • SRR was a huge success, propelling the program forward to produce a radio system 15 months into a 3-year research project.

Company success aligned with client success:

  • These Program Services became a new line of business (LOB), generating 50% of revenue at this site in 2 years site, at the time our 2nd largest client.
  • Within 4 years Program Services LOB exceeded 50% of company revenue, continuing to the present (~$1B revenue cumulatively) with many high profile successes to follow (e.g., EKV, NMD, JSF, FCS).

Interim Management - Operations

Chief Operating Officer (COO), LSI

Feb 2019 – Aug 2019

Recruited to lead LSI transformation with emphasis on (1) value to clients, (2) sustainability, and (3) scalability.

  • Developed and implemented growth strategy - and redesigned organization to support growth strategy.
  • Established Account Executive Corps to grow business by 15 new clients with 25 new projects.
  • Established Operations Group to improve focus on quality of service delivery, increased business at 10 existing clients, while surging support to new clients.

Board of Directors, CSPi

Jul 2013 – Jun 2015

Recruited from nation-wide search to become Independent Director of multi-national CSPi [NASDAQ: CSPI], then selected to become the Chairman of the Nominating Committee and Member of the Compensation Committee. During tenure:

  • CSPi's Myricom acquisition was immediately accretive, revenue and profit producing, while opening a commercial avenue to apply capabilities previously used pursuing defense opportunities.
  • CSPi exited pursuit of new defense opportunities, eliminating related capital, R&D investment and costs of sales while continuing to earn E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Aircraft (AHE) royalty revenue.

Senior Vice President, SM&A

Sep 2013 – May 2015

Invited by the CEO to develop new, improved, differentiated offerings - then quickly assigned additional roles by the CEO:

  • SVP Innovation
  • SVP Business Development
  • Practice Lead, Competitive Assessment/Price-to-Win (CAPTW)

Interim Vice President, BD, Fortune 100 client

Apr 2013 – Jul 2013

Invited by VP Business Development to formally lead business unit BD while transitioning into a new role.

Serving Our Clients

Our clients continue to find new ways to leverage our unique skills and capabilities. We enjoy helping people succeed, teams wins, and companies grow:

► Incubating ideas with key executives into business opportunities - implementing Strategy into Operations.

► Recruiting, hiring, training, mentoring, learning from and thoroughly enjoying working with industry leaders.

► Resulting in deep insights into patterns, trends, dynamics, behaviors - and a very big toolkit.