Atlas is a leading management consulting firm specializing in impacting client companies' strategy, organizational, and operational improvement throughout the acquisition lifecycle - serving senior executives and their teams across space, air, cyber, ground and maritime domains within defense, aerospace, homeland security, and logistics markets.

The Atlas Team provides the full range of business development and capture services, from pipeline development, and opportunity qualification to advanced proposal development and program SureStart services.

You can leverage decades of cycles of learning developing, testing, and applying leading practices at scale from 1st–hand performance results incorporated into our Atlas Framework. Atlas adds value to our clients immediately, bringing deep subject matter expertise and our practical results-oriented approach.

Reach your next level of competitiveness when you use Atlas business development, capture & subject matter expertise, and advanced proposal development.

"If you hire people just because they can do a job, then they'll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, then they'll work for you with blood, sweat, and tears." - Simon Sinek, Start With Why

Robert Bunnett


Leading wide-gap wins and franchise upsets since 1995.

  • Furthering industry impact through concurrently-deployed teams for 25 years
  • Personally recruited, hired, trained, deployed, mentored, learned from over 2,700 industry leaders
  • Resulting in deep insights into patterns, trends, dynamics, behaviors --- and a very big toolkit

Current Titan Heat Map


The Right Resources

At The Right Time For The Right Reasons

Your Titans are hand-selected, with decades of 1st - hand performance observation and learning integrated into our approach as we continually engage clients and our Titans throughout the US. In addition, you are supported by your dedicated Atlas executive.

Bob was my client from the time I incorporated SM&A until hiring him in 1995. His reputation for incubating ideas with key executives into opportunities is well-known throughout our industry, and I am proud he has become highly-regarded for his Strategy & Operations innovations." - Steven Myers in April 02, 2019 Press Release

Hawaii View by Robert Bunnett
Hawaii View by Robert Bunnett

Advanced Bespoke Comprehensive

Our primary mission is to help our clients win each specific opportunity --- while helping people succeed, teams win, and companies grow!

While the causes of wins, losses, program overruns, and schedule delays are widely-known and after-the-fact data and analyses are publicly available - the fun is in creating surprises, innovations, helping incumbents break molds of their own making, helping under-dogs come from behind or seemingly out of nowhere to win, changing the face of industry, passionately influencing behaviors with informal authority, and the future!

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